[Etoys] intro to Smalltalk (may be "dramabotics" could work)

Timothy Falconer timothy at immuexa.com
Thu Oct 11 00:40:43 EDT 2007


We're using the same approach in Project Waveplace, using  
storytelling as the end goal with math & programming along the way.   
(Much as Alice and Scratch did).

Our chief reason for the storytelling approach is to help with buy-in  
for the educational approach, for both the kids and the adults.  It's  
also a way to get the kids talking to adults about their shared history.

At the end we'll have a musical celebration where the kids show off  
their folklore projects, which we hope will make more of a connection  
with the community than math/science examples might.

It also helps that the Caribbean has a strong storytelling tradition,  
much as other cultures (though less and less American culture).


On Oct 8, 2007, at 9:41 PM, Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas wrote:

> For this semester I'm thinking in something like "dramabotics"... a  
> way
> to use Bots Inc mixed with Etoys for storytelling on local folklore as
> an attempt to mix narration and programming and making bridges between
> ways to think and ways to "make and express culture". We know about
> experiences using Squeak for making young people to learn about
> "universal" concepts of Science and Technology, but it would be  
> nice to
> use this metamedium also for making young people to learn about  
> "local"
> things on folklore. Making bridges between Science, Technology and
> Folklore and knowing the limits on how them affect, talk and  
> explain the
> world is important in keeping a cultural rich and diverse environment.

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