[Etoys] intro to Smalltalk (may be "dramabotics" could work)

Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Mon Oct 8 21:41:29 EDT 2007

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Hi all,

I have being using Squeak/Smalltalk for my course of introduction to
Informatics and the way we go is from Etoys to BotsInc to Smalltalk and
is a nice working bridge. We're still not exploring deeply Smalltalk,
but with the Book Squeak By Example, I think that we can made this in a
second course in the future without any problem. The nice thing about
Etoys -> Bots Inc. -> Smalltalk is that you get a metaphor that shows
the students different degrees of complexity as they learn keeping
things consistent in some way.

For this semester I'm thinking in something like "dramabotics"... a way
to use Bots Inc mixed with Etoys for storytelling on local folklore as
an attempt to mix narration and programming and making bridges between
ways to think and ways to "make and express culture". We know about
experiences using Squeak for making young people to learn about
"universal" concepts of Science and Technology, but it would be nice to
use this metamedium also for making young people to learn about "local"
things on folklore. Making bridges between Science, Technology and
Folklore and knowing the limits on how them affect, talk and explain the
world is important in keeping a cultural rich and diverse environment.

Today I will meet my students and tell about the idea for our final
project, having already covered the basic Etoys and Bots Inc themes. I
will ask in this list what is needed in Bots Inc Environment to make
"dramabotics" work as we made progress in the classroom.



Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
> Walter Bender wrote on Mon, 8 Oct 2007 15:08:20 -0400
>> I've not played with it, but I wonder if something like that, set up
>> in a manner akin to Pippy for Python, could be a nice bridge
>> between Etoys and a general purpuse SmallTalk. Hitting View
>> Source inside of Etoys could launch a Botsinc session? 
> On the other hand, it also makes sense for "view source" to work at the
> eToys level. You can point to some object and see the tiled scripts
> associated with it. Though there is already an eToys-only way of doing
> this (call up the halo for the object, press the "eye" button), it would
> be nice to bind the key to this operation since it would be used far
> more frequently than a "let's go deeper" command.
>> On 10/8/07, karl wrote:
>> Stephane Ducasse's BotsInc is a nice micro smalltalk environment and
>> does not expose the whole class library at once.
>> You get to do text editing, use a limited browser, see the debugger etc
> This is a very important thing to have. Even though Adele Goldberg's
> LearningWorks tool was created for adults (which are much more timid
> about exploring things than children), such an environment can avoid
> many initial frustrations (raw Smalltalk is a bit like running your apps
> in the kernel mode instead of the user mode).
> -- Jecel
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