[Etoys] Context comment in POs too long for Pootle

korakurider korakurider at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Nov 26 22:43:28 EST 2007


When playing with EToys test project in Pootle I found
some usability problem:  EToys extractor of PO/POTs
sometimes generate very long context comment.  Pootle
decides column width of online editor simply by the
longest information in the first column, so screen layout
become very ugly.
You could see the figure by searching "Multimedia" in any
language of etoys project.

It would be great if we can work around with some tweak of
setting in Pootle.
Or, we may want to adjust (again) our comment format if
Pootle can support...

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

(need ticket for this?)


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