[Etoys] Hyperlinked projects

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Nov 27 22:14:41 EST 2007


> >   Hmm, what kind of problems that the serial number would cause?
> > Yeah, you might want to delete the older versions, but always looking
> > at the latest version based on the serial number would work ok.
> I'm thinking that if we store our projects in a subversion repository
> then the checkout size would be unnecessarily large if we include all
> past versions of each project as separate files. You have subversion
> behind your webdav folder somehow, right? Or do you simply use 'cp' to
> rename the project files before commit?

  Behind a WebDAV folder via Apache, you can choose to have or not to
have subversion.  Yes, because these are binary files, versioning is a
bit costly (though 1GB disk space is a dollar is you can store 1000's
of projects).

  By default, uploading from Etoys just keep all the older version.
It is conceivable to use the same name (by removing the serial number)
and over write older version.

-- Yoshiki

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