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Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Fri Mar 9 21:57:32 EST 2007

  Hello, Juliano,

>      Thanks for your help. Like Paulo told, the problem of the eToys 
> translation is not related with words/phrases. Paulo already done this 
> work. The main problem is how should we translate the projects and 
> tutorials that eToys uses as examples? Translating the sentences isn't 
> hard at all. But, how should I do this in a way that my work can be 
> joined to the project tree?

  I think that projects should be ultimately translated manually.

  One of the problem would be that it is not always obvious to figure
out all the user-created text in a project.  Sometime soon, we will
have a support for that task (by extracting more info from the
project).  Even then, somebody still should make sure that the layout
of translated text is ok.

>      Using a translated version of the projects will help the students 
> and teachers to explore eToys by their own, without depending on our 
> help. I know that kids will discover eToys very quick and will want to 
> explore it. It's already happening in our first classes. But until now, 
> kids the disappointed with the english interface and gave up of eToys.

  There was some discussion but we didn't take any action.  

  * We can create a directory in the etoys repository on laptop.org
    for Etoys examples in Portugese.  you will need to have an account
    to write files on to it, so it may not be too convenient during
    the test.

  * We/you can set up a network server decidated to a group of people
    to which you can "save" a project and from which others can
    download it.  SuperSwiki2 server would be good for that purpose.
    Once you add the server's info to Etoys, it is painless to
    upload/download.  The interface is be translatable, as far as I

  Probably, latter would be good for you to get going.  In bigger
scale deployment with more people in one language region and more
language regions, there will be more work.

-- Yoshiki

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