[Etoys] How to translate Etoys

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Jul 25 03:43:20 EDT 2007

>> Or, how about to use launchpad.net? https:// 
>> translations.launchpad.net/
>> It has fancy web tool for gettext so that it seems to be good for
>> non hacker people.
> Yes, I like that a lot, we should use it if we can, and announce on  
> squeak-dev once we did so. OTOH, we would need to get the OLPC  
> version of etoys into that system first, I'm not sure how simple that  
> is - it's not just a translation site but a whole project hosting site.

I'm going to study more about this site.

>> How many files did you expect? Yoshiki suggested me that three is  
>> enough.

> Well ... for OLPC we only really need one file, true. However, I  
> suspect a file with a couple of thousand entries might scare  
> contributors - that's one reason to split.

Yes, I agree. Let's try along the line.

>>> And I notice that some Comments are not too helpful - like, all  
>>> comments in Protocols.pot are the same.
>> I know, current one is just a hack. The gettext exporter only works  
>> with
>> literal receivers properly. We should fix, but it will need more a  
>> week.
> Well, if it takes that time so be it. We need to get it right. Btw, I  
> think the vocabulary translations belong to the classes they are  
> declared in, rather than in a central file.

Korakurider was saying he had new idea.

And I'm trying a way like gettext-noop() for the object catalog.
It seems to work better than I thought.

- Takashi

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