[Etoys] How to translate Etoys

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Jul 23 19:04:29 EDT 2007

Just a quick report.
I measured how much keywords are covered by new gettext exporter.

Detected keywords by GetTextExporter2: 2630
All known phrases in NaturalLanguageTranslator: 4526
Coverage: 58.1087052585064%

	| categories keys diff |
	categories := Dictionary new.
	GetTextExporter2 new appendStringReceivers: categories.
	GetTextExporter2 new appendVocabularies: categories.
	keys := categories values
				inject: Set new
				into: [:set :next | set addAll: next keys;
	diff := NaturalLanguageTranslator allKnownPhrases keys difference: keys.
	Transcript cr; show: 'Detected keywords by GetTextExporter2: ' , keys size printString.
	Transcript cr; show: 'All known phrases in NaturalLanguageTranslator: ' , NaturalLanguageTranslator allKnownPhrases size printString.
	Transcript cr; show: 'Coverage: ' , (keys size / NaturalLanguageTranslator allKnownPhrases size * 100.0) printString , '%'.
	diff inspect

Although, All known phrases includes much unused keywords.

- Takashi

>>> And I notice that some Comments are not too helpful - like, all  
>>> comments in Protocols.pot are the same.
>> I know, current one is just a hack. The gettext exporter only works  
>> with
>> literal receivers properly. We should fix, but it will need more a  
>> week.
> Well, if it takes that time so be it. We need to get it right. Btw, I  
> think the vocabulary translations belong to the classes they are  
> declared in, rather than in a central file.

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