[Etoys] Re: BookMorph tutorial

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Mon Jan 22 00:34:01 EST 2007

Hi Richard,

Richard Karpinski escribió:
> Hello yourself, Yoshiki,
> Thanks so much. We are on our way!
> Could I have found this info in some other way?

I don't know. But as far as I can tell a nice thing about the Squeak 
community is the friendly way they welcome and answer the newbies like 
me (well there are still some unanswered questions to me in the Squeak 
Beginners and Squeak-land mailing list). The basic steps of the use of 
Book morph are already documented in many places but documentation 
becomes outdated quickly and putting it on date requires the learning of 
syntax of some wiki not so spreaded (moin or mediawiki syntaxes are more 
spreaded that Smallwiki for example).

> Wouldn't my life and yours be better if I could?
> Where should this tutorial information be gathered and how should it 
> be found?
> New question
> Can I get a screen shot at each stage of the process you laid out so 
> nicely?

May be you can replicate it from the words and take screenshots. Then 
copy the Yoshiki explanation and upload your screenshots to help in the 
documentation process of Etoys in some wiki.

There are plenty of Wikis out there and ideally one would congregate all 
the people around the same subject, but there are a lot of small and big 
differences between them (mediawiki is nice for a Wikipedia and very 
popular for this, even used by OLPC project, but when you try in other 
contexts it lacks of flexibility, good other choices are Moin, TWiki, 
Prowiki). You can choose the wiki you like more and point your 
documentation from the main Wiki. May with the time we can think in 
something like a Planet for blogers but instead of having particular 
Blogers Post it will be a Planet for Wikis related with Etoys and 
Squeak. Some people call the extended concept a Wiki Ohana (do you 
remember Lilo & Stich?: Ohana means family)

> Is there a wiki where I should search or ask for advice like this?
You can get a lot of links on Squeak on this Spanish language wiki:


You can ask for advice in list like this and after having your answer 
you can help to spread to the outsider using a Wiki as a documentation 
and more public channel.

> Maybe I should be asking for "Etoys for Dummies".

Lets do it together. At this moment I'm working with Etoys with my 
students and trying to build a Colombian Community of Squeakers (the 
unanswered questions on the other list are about projects for that). 
Building local communities its one of our biggest challenges.

> Won't Squeakland be completely overwhelmed if one half of one percent 
> of the people with XO machines this rime next year just say hi, let 
> alone ask a question? When the task is to consume an entire elephant, 
> the very best solution is to train the elephant to consume herself. 
> This leads me again to the Wiki.Etoys.org or something like that, 
> doesn't it?

May be if we build strong local communities in the process Squeakland 
has not to get all the weight of answering to the people. In that 
process we need to act as bridges between students and the specialized 
community. Creating "external" wiki documentation from the answers of 
the list and the class experiences could be a good starting point.



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