[Etoys] Re: BookMorph tutorial

Richard Karpinski dick at cfcl.com
Sun Jan 21 19:49:08 EST 2007

Hello yourself, Yoshiki,

Thanks so much. We are on our way!

Could I have found this info in some other way?

Wouldn't my life and yours be better if I could?

Where should this tutorial information be gathered and how should it  
be found?

New question

Can I get a screen shot at each stage of the process you laid out so  

How would I go about discovering that fact?

Is there a wiki where I should search or ask for advice like this?

Maybe I should be asking for "Etoys for Dummies".

What is the path of least effort or of least barriers interfering  
with doing something with Etoys so one could feel some personal  
success with it? First success is a major step and we probably share  
the intention to make that step as safe, reliable, and effortless as  
possible. Are there formal or informal studies about this issue for  
teachers or students?

Won't Squeakland be completely overwhelmed if one half of one percent  
of the people with XO machines this rime next year just say hi, let  
alone ask a question? When the task is to consume an entire elephant,  
the very best solution is to train the elephant to consume herself.  
This leads me again to the Wiki.Etoys.org or something like that,  
doesn't it?


On 2007, Jan 21, , at 13:57, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

> Sure.  I just couldn't tell that was what you wanted in the first  
> response.

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