[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun Dec 9 19:45:19 EST 2007

> >     4. Evaluate:
> >
> > 	TTCFontSet installExternalFontFileName: 'GreekTT.out'.
> >
> >       to load the font file.
> >
> >     5. Evaluate
> >
> > 	newID := LocaleID isoString: 'el'.
> > 	t := InternalTranslator
> > 		newLocaleID: (LocaleID isoString: 'el').
> > 	NaturalLanguageTranslator translators at: newID put: t.
> > 	Locale switchTo: (Locale localeID: (LocaleID isoString: 'el'))
> >
> >      in a workspace.
> >
> How/Where steps 4,5 are done??

  "Workspace" is a kind of command line interpreter where you can type
and evaluate Smalltalk code snippet.  (It is just a text editor,
actually but this is one way to look at it.)

  The developer's image available at:


is a good start.  Launch the .image in it by double clicking or
executing command like:

  % squeak etoys-dev-2.3-1815.image

Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet, and press "load
code updates" button near bottom-left in the Squeak screen.

  Then, click on the empty area in the Squeak screen.  You have
"open..." item in the "World" menu that pops up.  Click on "open..."
and you get "workspace (k)" in the menu.  If you click on the menu
item, you should get a white/gray window in the Squeak screen.

  Copy and paste the above expressions into the workspace, and select
the text you want to evaluate by dragging the area by mouse.  (The
selection should be green.)  Then press "Alt-d" (i.e., hold Alt key,
and hit "D" key).

  4. will take some time (like 45 seconds).  Be patient.

-- Yoshiki

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