[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

spyronis at ceid.upatras.gr spyronis at ceid.upatras.gr
Sun Dec 9 14:01:31 EST 2007

>   Hello,
>   It took more than I thought/wanted, but I'm now working on the
> language support issue.  As a start (of many starts), I pushed some
> changesets to the etoys 2.3 stream and made a "font file" from DejaVu
> font.  All DejaVu fonts would make the image many dozens megabytes
> bigger, but the "font file" only covers the characters covered by
> CP1253 and ISO 8859-7, all of DejaVu minus SansExtra make the image
> only 5MB bigger.
>   I tested it on Windows with Squeak 3.10.6 VM and on OLPC with
> squeak-vm-3.9-12olpc4.  I managed to input greek characters, and copy
> and paste them.
>   For those who are interested in, please try the following.
>   On Windows:
>     1. Make sure that you have 3.10.6 VM.
>     2. Fully update your (developers version of) etoys 2.3 image.
>     3. Download
>       http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/fonts/GreekTT.out and place the file
>       at the same directory with the image.
>     4. Evaluate:
> 	TTCFontSet installExternalFontFileName: 'GreekTT.out'.
>       to load the font file.
>     5. Evaluate
> 	newID := LocaleID isoString: 'el'.
> 	t := InternalTranslator
> 		newLocaleID: (LocaleID isoString: 'el').
> 	NaturalLanguageTranslator translators at: newID put: t.
> 	Locale switchTo: (Locale localeID: (LocaleID isoString: 'el'))
>      in a workspace.
>     6. From the appearance menu in the World menu, set the fonts to one
>        of these DejaVu fonts.  Let's say "default text font" for a start.
>     7. Open a new workspace and type something.
>    On XO:
>     1. Make sure that you have squeak-vm-3.9-12olpc4 VM.
>     2. - 6.  Same as above.  However, since the step 4. will take so
>        long time, you might want to do it on a faster computer and
>        then copy the image to XO.
>     7. from console, type "setxkbmap -layout gr" to switch to Greek
>        mode.  (For better switching etc., take a look at
>        http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Keyboard_layouts#Greek_el.  Switching
>        the mode by Alt-shift didn't work for me, but it may work on
>        some other configurations.)
>     8. Go back to Etoys, open a Works space and type something.
> On XO, we still have the problem with Alt-alpha, Alt-beta, etc. (i.e.,
> keys with a modifier key doesn't do the right thing.  On Windows, it
> seems to be working.)
>   It is likely that there are many problems when you try to use it for
> real, but please let me know.  The code I wrote while ago when I don't
> know Smalltalk well is hard to understand and messy and that prevented
> me to look it at.  But I finally did.
>   Luke, I know try to address Nepali.  It is even a harder task, but
> I'll try...
> -- Yoshiki
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How/Where steps 4,5 are done??

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