[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun Dec 9 19:45:47 EST 2007


> With the instructions that you and Bert gave I was successfully able
> to import unicode Nepali text into Squeak, however the Nepali guys
> said it looked too mangled: many adjacent vowels and consonants should
> have been combined into compound glyphs but weren't. This sounds to me
> like the known limitation of the non-Pango renderer that you
> mentioned?

  Exactly.  The text renderer written in Squeak doesn't handle "shaping".

> We imported the text as bitmaps for now. This isn't *that*
> inconvenient -- it's really hard to get Nepali text on the computer in
> any case. Most people don't know how to type in Nepali -- not even
> Nepali computer programmers. Luckily one of the programmers in our
> office is also a novelist and he can type up a sheet of sentences for
> us when needed :-)

  Wow.  You know, people with mixed background is real asset (maybe
you are one).  Students who graduate from CS or CE course usually
don't learn it until they get in the industry.

-- Yoshiki

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