[Etoys] Clipboard between eToys and Sugar

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Apr 17 09:58:00 EDT 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 15:06 , Takashi Yamamiya wrote:

> Bert,
>> What I mean is that the Sugar frame is drawn on top of Squeak, but  
>> the System Cursor is drawn on top of both. So if you let the  
>> System cursor display an image of a morph, you can drag it into  
>> the frame. Try this while running in Sugar with the Sugar frame  
>> visible:
>>     CursorWithAlpha fromUser show
>> As you can see, you can move stuff from the image over the sugar  
>> frame.
> Wow! That's perfect!

I thought so :) You can even drag translucently:

| c |
c := CursorWithAlpha fromUser.
c copyBits: c boundingBox from: c at: 0 at 0 colorMap:
	(ColorMap shifts: #(-1 -1 -1 -1) masks: #(16rFE000000 16rFE0000  
16rFE00 16rFE)).
c show

And I also just committed a patch so that large cursors work on the  
Unix Mac VM. So if you get Ian to build a Mac VM from the olpc branch  
for you, you can experiment with large cursors on your desktop machine.

Ian: cursor support code attached.

Adding this was pretty trivial since the Unix VM uses Cocoa's  
NSCursor support already. John wrote that he needs to rewrite the  
Carbon cursor code to Cocoa, which might take a little while.

- Bert -

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