[Etoys] Clipboard between eToys and Sugar

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Tue Apr 17 09:06:25 EDT 2007


> What I mean is that the Sugar frame is drawn on top of Squeak, but the 
> System Cursor is drawn on top of both. So if you let the System cursor 
> display an image of a morph, you can drag it into the frame. Try this 
> while running in Sugar with the Sugar frame visible:
>     CursorWithAlpha fromUser show
> As you can see, you can move stuff from the image over the sugar frame.

Wow! That's perfect!

> I guess I could tackle it then if there are no other takers ... I have 
> an idea how to do that. However, I fear there are many places that 
> reference cursors directly, so it may be a bit tricky to make work while 
> not breaking things on cursor-challenged VMs. But the design of 
> HandMorph lends itself naturally to a separate display surface, kudos to 
> whoever came up with that ...

I think we could remain it if it's just a visual effects issue.

>> I prefer to start
>> stupidly simple at first. What about to use X halo for cut, and
>> duplicate halo for copy?
> If you mean the black grab halo handle I'd agree ... X is for deleting, 
> and we should keep it at that IMHO.

We will use the grab handle to drag to the sugar frame, of course. But
X handle is not so strange than it looks. Because X doesn't delete
anything, but actually it moves a morph to the trash can, and you can
use it later when you want. That's exactly same behavior of "cut"
operation.  This was Abe-san's Idea, sometimes he uses the trash can
as just a clipboard.

- Takashi

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