[Etoys] Demon Castle Tutorials for eToys

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Fri Oct 20 08:11:41 EDT 2006

Hi Milan,

Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> Takashi,
> These are really beautiful and funny!  And I feel they are easy to follow and 
> learn from by a new user. My kids worked with eToys before, but I want to ask 
> them to find a friend who did not, and go through the tutorials over the 
> weekend, to test if there are places they get stuck.

Thank you!

Actually, I have never tested it with real children yet. So you would
find a lot of points to fix ;)

> PS: 
> (Also, as an potential consideration, I was thinking that for someone 
> completely new to discover how to drop a tile onto scriptor may be hard, I 
> wonder if it would make sense to consider ading "watch a movie how to do it" 
> button just for that one step)

Yes, that is hard issue, so ignore in my tutorial. As Alan said,
EventRecoder would be very effective to explain how to use a
scriptor. That is a next important goal.

- Takashi

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