[Etoys] Camera to do

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Dec 11 16:30:34 EST 2006

As I wrote in the other message, the btest machine's camera works,  
but it's really slow right now even at 320x240 (the camera actually  
supports 640x480). We'll have to optimize it significantly to be  
usable. We should allocate a 16 bit form and let the plugin read the  
camera data right into the form bits. Then only do an in-place  
palette conversion (YUYV8888 to 2xRGB555). This hopefully will be a  
lot faster than the current version, which first converts to a 24 bpp  
bitmap and then to a 32 bpp form using float math for contrast/ 
brightness adjustment which is then drawn on the 16 bpp display.  
Anybody up to implement this?

We maybe also could learn from the camera demo activity. AFAIK, it  
streams directly into the framebuffer and uses the Geode's video  
overlay/scaling/color conversion units. It achieves full-screen full- 
speed video.

As an aside, the VideoMorph's controls do not work for me, I can not  
change the resolution in the dialog.

- Bert -

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