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Now let's see what we can dig up for mathematics.  

About 10 years ago I visited a rural public K-12 school in the Andes village of Toropalca Bolivia.  We brought them a few science resources in Spanish and a class set of hand lenses and 2 small non-electric microscopes which were very much appreciated.  They took us to visit a trigonometry class of about 17 senior students (5 girls!).  There were no books.  Just a chalkboard, teacher, and chalk.  They were pretty impressive!

This experience is one of the reasons I have been volunteering with OLPC. I realize how great the need is for students in remote areas like this.  At one time I did see a trig text that had been scanned in as a free ebook.  However, I was unable to find any for algebra or geometry.

Perhaps we can do some more careful searching and come up with a list of free online resources available for math.  Since math, like music is a more or less "universal language", the translations needed would be minimul.  Perhaps some of us with translating skills and familiarity with teaching math could provide translations for them.

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