StarTech USB2VGA discontinued--XO laptop to Smart Board ideas?

Adam Holt holt at
Fri Feb 5 14:45:30 EST 2016

1) Both the USB2VGA and USB2VGA*2* are now discontinued, to drive
projectors (or Smart Boards etc) from an XO laptop:

Do others recommend holding out with StarTech (buying used for about $15 is
certainly an option) or rather, looking to another better-loved-brand in

2) Does anyone have experience hooking up Linux to classroom Smart Boards?

Is expanding the mouse/pointer size (and requesting an intentionally
laggy-mouse-trail in Gnome) sufficient so all kids can vividly follow the
projection screen?

Or is it not worth the battle -- for example if similar Windows/Mac
drivers/software are so important for classroom-wide usability, and perhaps
do not exist for Linux?
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