Replacing internal SD card.

Peter Easthope peter at
Fri Oct 30 20:03:35 EDT 2015

On Fri, October 30, 2015 3:41 pm, James Cameron wrote:
> To look for problems, copy large files to and from the card, a few
> million times, measuring the time it takes.
> But this kind of test forces the aging of the card, so have an
> identical one ready to replace it.

I'm content to see how the card performs in routine use.

> ... it will probably happen again.  But we don't support UnixAos
> here, go somewhere else for that problem.

UnixAos has worked for years in multiple systems including OLPC.
Never before saw a mention of at-spi-registryd.desktop.  No
unfamiliar problems with UnixAos, getmail or swaks.  Nothing
suggests at-spi-registryd.desktop is connected to any of the three.

at-spi-registryd.desktop is mentioned in several Linux related
forums.  Haven't seen an explanation or solution yet.  Mentioned
only in case it registers with a reader.

If at-spi-registryd.desktop continues to surface, I'll replace the
original SD card and try 13.2.5 with nothing additional.

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