Keys dying in my XOs

Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Wed Nov 25 20:32:49 EST 2015

On 25/11/15 20:02, James Cameron wrote:
> We continue to make the keyboards, so I'm interested in any wide
> area systemic report, so that I can feed it back into manufacturing.
> The array of key switches may be connected in a matrix.  A key switch
> that does not release can cause several keys to stop working.

On my XO1.5 that I got from the peruvian deployment (from the Ministry
of Education), I tested this, and have found there are two "columns" of
keys that don't respond:

F1, 2, w, s, x, <>
F8, 8, i, k, ;

It has latinamerican/spanish keyboard.
The right shift key sometimes appears stuck. It is not responding now.
However when within the OS, I'm sure there were other keys as I couldn't
type "l" or "g" keys.

On the XO4 I couldn't figure out how to reach the keyboard self test.
"menu" command in ofw triggers an OS boot selector (linux/android)
instead of the test.

If it helps I believe this may have to do with the fact that we just
moved to the rainforest and have experienced very high temperatures (up
to 40 C) for the past six months.

I can inquire if more people have found this issue at the ministry if
you like.

> To check for this, use our keyboard self test.

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