[XSCE] Access Point capability for the XO1.5 -- the dream of internet in a box on an SD card

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Jul 13 20:39:22 EDT 2015

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 12:25:39PM -0700, George Hunt wrote:
> Back in the 2010 timeframe, there was an effort to add Access Point
> capability to first the XO1, and later the XO1.5.

One reason for this work was to support the NANDblaster feature, which
does work fine.  Since this is a function of the firmware, you can be
confident that any problem you face is driver, kernel configuration,
or user space configuration.

> Of particular interest to me is [1], which documents in detail how
> to install and configure the Thinfirm libertas driver. I found
> evidence in the git repo [2] that the driver was built and tested
> upon kernel version 2.6.22.
> Javier configured the kernel via [3], which I think I have applied
> to kernel 3.3.8 (the kernel used in FC18, and the most recent 13.2.5
> releases).
> I have attempted to follow the instructions in release notes [4]:
>   • "modprobe libertas_tf" loads mac80311, and libertas_tf
>   • put the firmware in /lib/firmware/sd8686tf.bin
>   • But no interrupts show up in /proc/interrupts and no devices apparent to
>     iwconfig.
> Does anyone know that thinfirm does or does not function on
> kernel-3.3.8?

I don't know if it does or does not function on that kernel.

I don't know anybody who would know.

> Is there someone who has more knowledge who would be willing to
> coach/assist?

I'm unwilling because (a) the XO-1.5 is not in production, (b) there
are lower cost alternatives when you account for engineering time, and
(c) there would be very little global effect of such work.

The type of people needed would be firmware developer, kernel developer,
and wireless driver developer.  The skills are source code analysis,
preparation of tests, log analysis, and changes to source code for
debugging, and to make the tests pass.

The amount of work could range from weeks to months.

The amount of work would be much smaller if the most recent kernel.org
kernel and Fedora 23 were used, because that way there are many more
developers interested, and so each small roadblock can be solved
differently or more quickly.

James Cameron

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