Access Point capability for the XO1.5 -- the dream of internet in a box on an SD card

George Hunt georgejhunt at
Mon Jul 13 15:25:39 EDT 2015

Back in the 2010 timeframe, there was an effort to add Access Point
capability to first the XO1, and later the XO1.5. Of particular interest to
me is [1], which documents in detail how to install and configure the
Thinfirm libertas driver. I found evidence in the git repo [2] that the
driver was built and tested upon kernel version 2.6.22.

Javier configured the kernel via [3], which I think I have applied to
kernel 3.3.8 (the kernel used in FC18, and the most recent 13.2.5 releases).

I have attempted to follow the instructions in release notes [4]:

   - "modprobe libertas_tf" loads mac80311, and libertas_tf
   - put the firmware in /lib/firmware/sd8686tf.bin
   - But no interrupts show up in /proc/interrupts and no devices apparent
   to iwconfig.

Does anyone know that thinfirm does or does not function on kernel-3.3.8?

Is there someone who has more knowledge who would be willing to

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