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Thank you James.

On Wed, 8 Oct 2014 07:55:44 +1100
James Cameron <quozl at> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 08, 2014 at 01:46:44AM +0700, James B wrote:
> > I'm the maintainer of a small desktop Linux OS (FatdogArm) which
> > runs on many ARM platforms including OLPC XO-1.75 and XO-4; together
> > with Yioryos we released support for OLPC late last year.
> Great!  Got a link?

Here (currently beta2 release).

XO-4 was supported since alpha2 (a year ago), XO-1.75 since beta1 (March this year).

> > I have recently looked at video playback acceleration and have
> > successfully managed to get it going for other platforms, so I'm
> > thinking to do so on OLPC as well. Before I start, though, I'd like
> > to ask you about the status of marvell-ipp
> > ( as of today?
> I think this page is up to date, and have been repeating the
> installation instructions on 14.1.0 (Fedora 20) in the past few days,
> but haven't finished verifying yet.

I didn't build FatdogArm using the OS builder, and the last time I look at OS builder I couldn't find the repository URL there. Admittedly, I didn't look too deeply into it ... 

> > I checked the OLPC git repos and rpmdropbox and I can't get the
> > marvel-ipp binaries there.
> Yes.

So you're saying that they aren't public? But if they can be pulled by OS builder, they are public, aren't they?

> > I can actually find these binaries by doing google search (and the
> > binaries were clearly marked for OLPC usage) but I would rather be
> > in the clear when it comes to licensing - are these licensed to OLPC
> > so that they can be used in any OS that runs on the XOs, or are the
> > license more restricted than that? (ie: no license at all, license
> > per region, official OLPC OS only, etc, etc). If it is licensed
> > freely, then is there an official location where I can get this
> > binaries?
> Sorry, I don't know.  I have only vague recollections.  Any research
> would be costly.

No worries - perhaps others in the list know something? For practical purposes I can use the binaries I've found and go ahead try to make use of it, but these binaries are not distributable there is little point of doing that.

Yioryos asked the same question last year but for more specific case of the usage of libvmeta in flashplayer and only for XO-4 case (these binaries weren't publicly available too, but we managed to fish it out from Australian F18 distribution - perhaps you were the one packaging it :) ). This time around the it is for the more general purpose of using libvmeta as general codecs, for both XO-1.75 and XO-4.

> Instead, why not look at:

Thanks, but etna_viv is the 3D driver for GPU acceleration. I may look into that as the Vivante driver in the XOs has definite problems too, but the question I'm asking (marvell-ipp) is for more media playback acceleration (h264 codecs and the like). (Btw the vivante 3D driver - libgfx etc are in the rpmdropbox so that's not a problem).


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