Boot Menu for XO

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Mar 16 20:44:46 EDT 2014

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:27:28AM +0000, tkkang at wrote:
> With menu selection it lessen the need to insert or remove the SD
> card when 2 child is sharing a XO in a 1:2 sharing scenario. Yes a
> graphical menu would be cool.

It would be better to enable login accounts, which is a Fedora feature
that we turned off for the OLPC builds because of the 1:1 scenario.

Sugar already well supports multiple users on the same computer, using
this feature.

Switching from one user to another would not require a boot, and
therefore would be relatively fast.

This also supports 1:n sharing scenario.

> I get this with boot int: or boot ext:
> Boot device: /sd/sdhci at d4281000/disk: Arguments:
> The attempt to load a boot image failed.

My mistake.

ok boot int:\boot\olpc.fth

ok boot ext:\boot\olpc.fth

James Cameron

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