Boot Menu for XO

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Mar 16 20:12:57 EDT 2014

The XO-1.75 will already boot from external SD card, so there's no
need for a boot menu if you plan to use one SD card per child.

Just remove the SD card to boot from internal eMMC.

Or, for manual choice, on an unlocked laptop, get to the ok prompt:

ok boot int:

ok boot ext:

Where int: is the internal eMMC, and ext: is the SD card.

Or, for a complete solution, look at the graphical boot menu recently
developed.  But it will require some work to adapt for your
requirements.  You can find the source here:

The adaption work would be:

- change boot-android to boot from eMMC,

- remove or change the icons used,

- replace /bootpart/boot/olpc.fth on each SD card, since that is what
  is used first.

James Cameron

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