Auckland Testing Summary 23 March 2013

Richard Smith richard at
Mon Mar 25 14:03:08 EDT 2013

>> Battery life on XO-4 C2 seems significantly improved over previous builds.
>> We would be interested in a confirmation or otherwise of this in the power
>> log analysis.
> I guess you are comparing to 13.1.0 build 36?
> The big difference here is that 13.1.0 build 36 has automatic power
> management disabled, it is now enabled in 13.2.0 (not 100% stable just
> yet, but we continue to shake out the bugs).

Its probably the firmware change rather than a build specific change.
We turned off unused cores and in q7b23 and that made almost 800mW
worth of difference across the board in operational power draw.  I'll
do a plot of your power logs though and confirm.

Richard A. Smith
One Laptop per Child

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