[support-gang] switching libertas driver into AP mode in XO-1.75?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Mar 21 03:58:31 EDT 2013

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 01:48:43AM -0500, Anna wrote:
> Not sure how it's going to go with all the various wifi dongles out
> there, because even with "regular Linux" it's always a crapshoot
> when you buy something.  I just happened to hit the wifi dongle
> lottery with my few odd, cheap purchases.

Indeed.  A USB wifi dongle and Wi-Fi in general is of sufficient
complexity that creating interoperating firmware and software requires
a major investment in engineering time, and to then keep that
combination alive in the face of regular changes by others to
underlying mechanisms (the kernel USB driver, the kernel networking
stack, the kernel memory management) ... means that "support" for such
a dongle will last only for as long as people can still buy one for a
price that is consistent with value.  If a cheaper, faster, or more
functional dongle becomes available, this threatens the value of the
original dongle.

I think the best approach is to publish your crapshoot results early
and often, along with hardware and software configurations.

James Cameron

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