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Dear Martin,

All the best to you in your seacrh for live balance - I am seeking that too as the 2 weeks have been overwhelm while preparing for a new deployment with the new XO 1.75 (now old) . I think you were the first OLPC software developer that I had contact with while I took the challenge of learning how to setup the schoolserver for the XO 5 years ago. Your assistance, debugging and prompt reply is of enormouse help! I love your comments below:

"Problems that may seem trivial for us while we type an email or update a wikipage, but that are huge when you don't know the fix, or your don't have the tools or parts handy, and you are singlehandedly supporting a school of hundreds of kids with XOs."

Looking forward to the new XO-4 and I am sure you walk the talk with your tag-line!

Enjoy the new life and sail! IF you are in this side of the worldfor holiday/work do contact me!


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Hello devel!

I haven't been posting here often enough. After a year of enormous
effort, we are approaching start of mass production with XO-4. It is
time for me to announce my departure from OLPC.

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