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Good winds, sailor!
Enjoy the family time and recharge batteries,
the route is long ;)
Was a plassure work wit you.


On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Martin Langhoff <martin at> wrote:

> Hello devel!
> I haven't been posting here often enough. After a year of enormous
> effort, we are approaching start of mass production with XO-4. It is
> time for me to announce my departure from OLPC.
> My work at OLPC has been a demanding one and I have given it all my
> energy. But I have a young family in a foreign country, and I find
> that I need
> to take things easier and find a bit more personal time.
> It has been a great run of ~7 years with OLPC, ~5 of them with a
> formal position in the organization, and it has been a great pleasure
> to be part of this. Hacking, disagreeing and designing... looking for
> a better widget, for a different world for our children.
> I continue to be amazed at how hard it is... and at how much you
> accomplish on the ground. But all those accomplishments involve more
> hands than the members of devel at l.l.o (and related lists). A lot more
> hands. We should always remember and respect the teachers and
> technicians dealing with problems every day. Problems that may seem
> trivial for us while we type an email or update a wikipage, but that
> are huge when you don't know the fix, or your don't have the tools or
> parts handy, and you are singlehandedly supporting a school of
> hundreds of kids with XOs.
> John Watlington will be taking over my responsibilities. We have in
> fact been working as a team covering HW and SW with our respective
> strengths.. We share style and background with OLPC. There is not much
> of a transition to worry about, he has been involved in all major
> decisions, including hiring me back in 2008 (now you know who to blame!).
> I am not completely disappearing from the scene -- I'll stay on
> devel at l.l.o :-) I will continue to be involved in e-learning projects
> with Moodle and to be part of OLPC's "extended family". Bear in mind I
> cannot promise much time involvement -- I will be starting a new job
> and prioritizing personal time.
> My last day with OLPC will be March 8th. After that, martin at
> will be no more, and martin.langhoff at is where you can reach
> me.
> let's keep hacking together,
> m
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>  - don't get distracted with shiny stuff  - working code first
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