Changing track

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Fri Mar 8 10:00:03 EST 2013

Thank you for the email... and THANK YOU for all the work you do in
deployments. It's the hardest one of all.

You are in HK, right? I'll let you know if any trip takes me there.
Perhaps organize a MoodleMoot ;-)

take care,


On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 8:10 PM,  <tkkang at> wrote:
> Dear Martin,
> All the best to you in your seacrh for live balance - I am seeking that too
> as the 2 weeks have been overwhelm while preparing for a new deployment with
> the new XO 1.75 (now old) . I think you were the first OLPC software
> developer that I had contact with while I took the challenge of learning how
> to setup the schoolserver for the XO 5 years ago. Your assistance, debugging
> and prompt reply is of enormouse help! I love your comments below:
> "Problems that may seem trivial for us while we type an email or update a
> wikipage, but that are huge when you don't know the fix, or your don't have
> the tools or parts handy, and you are singlehandedly supporting a school of
> hundreds of kids with XOs."
> Looking forward to the new XO-4 and I am sure you walk the talk with your
> tag-line!
> Enjoy the new life and sail! IF you are in this side of the worldfor
> holiday/work  do contact me!
> Cheers
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> Hello devel!
> I haven't been posting here often enough. After a year of enormous
> effort, we are approaching start of mass production with XO-4. It is
> time for me to announce my departure from OLPC.
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