compiling and running webkit2gtk on xo-1.75/os/candidate/13.2.0-9

NoiseEHC noiseehc at
Thu Jun 27 17:34:48 EDT 2013

>> So I will stick to webkit1... On the other hand, going native is clearly the
>> way to go, as it launches in 2-5 sec (usually ~3), while Browse launches in
>> 13 sec on my xo-1.75...
> Just curious, what do you mean by "going native"?
I am porting PhoneGap to the XO. It is very similar to the sugarlabs 
GSoC web-activity project, but unlike that mine does not use python so 
probably it will make sense using it on the XO... On the other hand the 
code will be open source so they will be able to use it but I will not 
hold my breath.

BTW, why 3d is not supported on the XO? Does not Marvel have a GLES 
driver for the xo-1.75 and xo-4? Or are those SoCs only supported on 

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