13.2.0 release candidate 4 (build 11) released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Jun 27 10:43:16 EDT 2013


We're pleased to announce the next release candidate of our new 13.2.0
software release.

Information and installation instructions can be found here:

Quick links for those who know which files need to be grabbed and save
to USB disks:

This is a signed release candidate that can be installed on all XOs,
even those with security enabled.

We're looking for any final testing and feedback on all aspects of the
system. Thanks for any help you can offer, and for all the feedback
that was received throughout development.

Changes since the last release candidate:

The XO-4 has an experimental new feature allowing the edges of the
screen to be reached with touches (#12713).  To test, enable it with:

 echo 80 > /sys/module/zforce/parameters/margin_y
 echo 80 > /sys/module/zforce/parameters/margin_x
 echo 2000 > /sys/module/zforce/parameters/scale_x
 echo 2000 > /sys/module/zforce/parameters/scale_y

This causes events reported within 80 pixels of the screen edge to
have their distance from the edge halved. margin values are pixels,
and scale values are tenths of percent.

XO-4 HDMI output in Linux and the firmware now better meets the HDMI spec.

A memory corruption issue in the new XO-4 8787 wireless driver was
fixed (#12701, this was shipped in build 10).

XO-4 firmware Q7B35 fixes some factory tests, fixes a power
consumption issue (#12415), and solves a couple of minor EC bugs.

XO-1.75 firmware Q4D31 fixes save-mfg-data and some factory test issues.

XO-1.5 firmware Q3C15 fixes save-mfg-data (#12684) and a boot problem
in the presence of unsupported filesystems (#12696)

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