compiling and running webkit2gtk on xo-1.75/os/candidate/13.2.0-9

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Jun 27 15:27:18 EDT 2013

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 1:11 PM, NoiseEHC <noiseehc at> wrote:
> Now I looked at the source of webkit2gtk and it seems that opengl support is
> compiled into the library or not, so if OPENGL is specified then it will
> call into and will crash. Maybe we should not lie about 3d support?
> What is the status of OpenGL support on the xo-1.75 and xo-4? I have read
> the email about writing an open source driver for the xo-4 but does it imply
> that there is no official binary driver from Marvell? (I know that XO-1 and
> xo-1.5 will not support 3d.)

I don't think there are any lies about 3d support. We do not offer it
at this time, and the GLX extension is disabled in the X server.

> So I will stick to webkit1... On the other hand, going native is clearly the
> way to go, as it launches in 2-5 sec (usually ~3), while Browse launches in
> 13 sec on my xo-1.75...

Just curious, what do you mean by "going native"?


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