Significant Browse performance problem

tom at tom at
Tue Jul 2 03:30:14 EDT 2013

On 01/07/13 22:03, Tom Parker wrote:
> In Build 3.2.0 for XO-4 (build 11) I have noticed a significant browse
performance problem. On some pages, browse causes X to lock up for many
seconds. The mouse pointer stops moving and you can see (if logged in
via SSH) that X is consuming >80% of the cpu.
causes several many second freezes during it's loading.

I confirmed that this is a regression, there is no problem on Browse 
149.1 on 13.2.0 for XO-4 (build 3) and there is a problem on Browse  149.3
on 13.2.0 for XO-4 (build 11).

I raised

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