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> On Jan 31, 2013, at 11:10 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> > Hi again,
> >
> > this may sound like a stupid question but how would one go about
> swapping out the camera modules?
> > I couldn't find any instructions on the wiki on how to actually remove
> the motherboard from the chassis (probably one of the few things I have
> never done on an XO so far).
> Access the motherboard by removing the back (removing the LCD and the
> microphone cable from the
> motherboard in the process of removing the back.)
> Remove the speaker cables, the keyboard cable, and the battery cables.
> Disconnect the antenna cables to the WLAN module.
> XO-1.5 and later: remove the WLAN module
> There are three screws holding the heat spreader down (1.5 and later have
> 4 screws).  Remove them.
> You should now be able to lift the motherboard out, starting with the side
> with two USB ports.
> Remove the camera and camera mount as one unit.
> Be careful not to damage the motherboard when removing the camera mount.
> It is adhered to the
> USB connector with double sided tape.    Remove the camera and its mount
> first,
> then disconnect the cable.  When mounting, make the electrical connection
> before placing the camera
> and mount into position.
> When reinserting the motherboard, make sure all cables are clear and
> insert the side with the
> audio/power jacks first.

Excellent, thanks a lot for the step-by-step instructions. If I arrive
early enough tomorrow morning I'll give this a shot.

Oh, and I've taken the liberty to copy-paste your instructions to While the section doesn't quite
fit the rest of the page due to the missing photos I think that's the best
place to put them so others can find the information in the future.

> > That step seems necessary in order to access the module because from the
> front the white plastic piece makes it barely possible to see the cable and
> push the connector in place with a small screwdriver.
> It is impossible to replace the camera without removing the motherboard.
> One of the most annoying
> simple mistakes I make is mounting a motherboard and starting system
> testing before realizing that the MB
> didn't have a camera mounted..

Hehe, just like one of the workshop participants here on Monday who proudly
announced that he had reassembled the whole laptop again - only to realize
that he forgot to include the back-cover and therefore had to take the
whole upper half apart again. ;-)


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