Cameras not working on XO-1s

John Watlington wad at
Thu Jan 31 11:46:03 EST 2013

On Jan 31, 2013, at 11:10 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:

> Hi again,
> this may sound like a stupid question but how would one go about swapping out the camera modules?

> I couldn't find any instructions on the wiki on how to actually remove the motherboard from the chassis (probably one of the few things I have never done on an XO so far).

Access the motherboard by removing the back (removing the LCD and the microphone cable from the
motherboard in the process of removing the back.)
Remove the speaker cables, the keyboard cable, and the battery cables.
Disconnect the antenna cables to the WLAN module.
XO-1.5 and later: remove the WLAN module
There are three screws holding the heat spreader down (1.5 and later have 4 screws).  Remove them.
You should now be able to lift the motherboard out, starting with the side with two USB ports.

Remove the camera and camera mount as one unit.
Be careful not to damage the motherboard when removing the camera mount.   It is adhered to the
USB connector with double sided tape.    Remove the camera and its mount first,
then disconnect the cable.  When mounting, make the electrical connection before placing the camera
and mount into position.

When reinserting the motherboard, make sure all cables are clear and insert the side with the
audio/power jacks first.

> That step seems necessary in order to access the module because from the front the white plastic piece makes it barely possible to see the cable and push the connector in place with a small screwdriver.

It is impossible to replace the camera without removing the motherboard.   One of the most annoying
simple mistakes I make is mounting a motherboard and starting system testing before realizing that the MB
didn't have a camera mounted...


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