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As OLPC OS pushes forward to Fedora 21, I would like to ask if anyone
employed by OLPC would be in a position to comment on OLPC's short to mid
term goals for OLPC OS and the XO laptops in general. The recent layoff of
key OLPC developers and the marketing shift towards Android has left many
of us wondering where OLPC sees itself in one to five years.

To reduce their risk due to uncertainty, we are in a situation where
several deployments are asking for Sugar on standard laptops. While
beneficial to the ecosystem, this has both pros and cons for OLPC the
Association and Sugar Labs.

On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Daniel Drake
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> wrote:

> Hi,
> olpc-os-builder master now includes a few updates to build for rawhide
> (currently F21). This work is experimental, for developers. The main
> reason I did it was to have an easy platform to check the latest Sugar
> against the latest pygobject etc.
> Various things broken, some things working :)
> Contributions welcome of course. Maybe someone will post a build or two.
> To keep things simple and easily maintainable I have slimmed down the
> build configs (no GTK2, no gstreamer-0.10, etc), trying to focus just
> on the new stuff. Also I've dropped pretty much everything we've
> forked.
> No ARM support at the moment. We need a new kernel, and that is coming
> little by little as we upstream support for our platform.
> Daniel
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