ANNOUNCING School Server Community Edition Version 0.4 Release Candidate 1.

George Hunt georgejhunt at
Sat Aug 24 12:34:25 EDT 2013

As regularly as the changing of the seasons, another version of XSCE is
nearing release. This release provides something for both end users and

End user:



   Integration of Pathagar bookserver

   Content filtering using OpenDNS and Dansguardian

   Tiny Core Linux Customization Stick for all XO’s



   Offline install -- images at


   Watchdog monitor for services, and automatic restart for long-term
   unattended operation

   Usage Statistics collection

   Remote administration via OpenVPN

   Installs and runs on Trimslice and Raspberry Pi

   Integration of Pathagar bookserver framework with Apache and PostgreSQL.
   Refinement pending future releases.

Installation instructions at

The current heartbeat of our XSCE-0.4 testing can be viewed at  Note
that we have spent the bulk of our testing efforts on XO hardware (XO-1.5,
XO-1.75 and XO-4).  Hopefully, with additional help from the wider
community, testing will progress rapidly in coming weeks around (x86,
Trim-Slice and Raspberry Pi).

We would appreciate your help identifying remaining bugs prior to official
release, expected

Bug reports can be entered at emailed to
server-devel at after subscribing to

Thanks all for your help!!

XSCE team
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