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Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at
Thu Nov 8 17:59:36 EST 2012

On 9 November 2012 09:10, Tony Anderson <tony at> wrote:
> This is my greatest concern. The ability of a server to deliver content is
> central. It is my understanding that your Community XS does not support a
> LAMP stack or Moodle. Please do not refer to the Community XS as XO-0.8
> until there is a chance that it can deliver the essential capabilities of
> XS-0.7. My other concern is that a lot of very talented people are spending
> a lot of time solving a non-problem.
> Naturally, the network problem you mention is solved by connecting the
> XS-0.7 to that network as the WAN.


It appears that no matter what we say, you are cemented in some
strange notions about the community XS:

  * that it is intended to run only on XOs
  * that it cannot (and will not) serve content
  * that your personal desires from an XS are shared by every other
deployment in the world

I think we've been quite clear about what we're intending to achieve.
If you're going to criticise, at least be civil enough to do so based
on the facts:

  * this is a flexible design, built on Fedora
  * it will run anywhere where x86 or ARM Fedora will work
  * it can be installed on top of an existing Fedora installation
using 'yum groupinstall xsce'
  * being designed in this way provides extreme flexibility for deployments
  * all current features of the XS (Moodle, etc.) will be ported, but
will be optional
  * installation and configuration will be easy, but sysadmins will be
able to treat it like any Fedora installation

We've tried hard to be inclusive and constructive. I ask you to do the same.


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