12.1.0 devel build 12 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Sun May 27 04:39:30 EDT 2012

The "No one needs anything here. It's all about want." release.

This is the end of the development cycle. We're now headed into the
stabilisation and bug fixing phase.


Fixed bugs:
#11828 	olpc UID has changed in 12.1.0
#11874 	udev refers to user 'usbmux', but passwd has user 'usbmuxd'
#11884 	Save 80MB hardlinking activities
#11794 	WebKit ARM JIT crashes on gmail
#11832 	OLPCRoot mounted on /run/media/olpc/OLPCRoot
#11811 	libertas synchronous firmware load interrupted by suspend
#11833 	Fix xkb symbol map for azerty KB
#11599 	Requesting new TS mode: DEVL
#11858 	Mesh networking broken in 12.1.0
#11868 	Generic Google search form is forced to English; Browse
toolbar search is not
#11851 	olpc-log is not able to remove its own temp files (logtemp directory)
#11831 	olpc-configure and Fedora both seem to restore audio levels
#11897 	GNOME Fedora software update notifier active in 12.1.0 builds
#11886 	Please update Measure to Version 37
#11888 	Please update InfoSlicer to Version 15
#11853 	21010o0; mouse frozen after wakeup from suspend
#11610 	Time rollback disables powerd's power button control
#11291 	add gettext to build?
#11816 	First Sugar boot - simple welcome screen
#11894 	Please update TurtleBlocks to Version 140
#11892 	Add Wikipedia 34 to 12.1.0 image
#11813 	libertas suspends interface while it is still initializing

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