rpm into .xo

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue May 15 18:30:16 EDT 2012

You can include an RPM in the .xo file, but you won't be able to use
the rpm command to install the RPM onto the system; the .xo format
cannot reliably be used to gain root access.  Many systems are run
without access to root by user.

You would have to write activity code that would read the RPM, extract
the contents, and place it in a tree that can be run using
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and similar mechanisms.  This is not difficult, but
some RPMs require more than this.

Multiple architectures could be handled gracefully by including one
RPM for each architecture.  Some minor performance improvement could
be gained by unpacking the RPM and including the files in the .xo
instead of the RPM.

James Cameron

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