powerd-100 for 12.1.0 / F17, new inhibit-suspend behavior

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Fri Mar 30 17:09:18 EDT 2012

a new version of powerd should be available fairly soon.  i've
done the build for F17/x86 (but not the final 'fedpkg update' step --
i've asked peter for help with that), nor have i touched the ARM side.

martin -- _don't_ include this or higher releases in 11.3.1.  no

the release number has jumped (previous it was -47) for a couple of

    - i wanted to leave a hole, in case 11.3.1 needs another
	last-minute fix.  i hope not.

    - this is the first powerd with any support at all for the 3.x
	kernels for XO-1 and XO-1.5.  this support is fledgling at
	best -- powerd will start, at least (better than nothing, eh?),
	and will pretend to do many of the right things.  there's
	kernel support missing to make power management really work.

    - finally, this powerd contains a fixes for #10856, and another
	bug that i can't seem to find right now, both of which required
	a fairly major change to how powerd manages the "inhibit-suspend"

	until now, the inhibit-suspend flag would simply stop the
	powerd state machine in its tracks when it came time to sleep. 
	if the dim and blank actions were scheduled _after_ the sleep
	action (as they are in the default config), they would never
	be reached.  the buggy result is that when we ship XO-1 with
	idle-suspend disabled, not only does the laptop not sleep, but
	it also doesn't dim or blank.  so much for saving power!

	the change is that when powerd sees the inhibit-suspend flag,
	it internally reschedules the sleep timer to be in the very
	distant future -- long enough from now that it will never
	happen.  this lets the dim and blank timers proceed as usual.

	SO:  the possible downside is this:  if you were expecting
	inhibit-suspend to also keep the screen alive (a movie player
	or slide-show activity might depend on this), it will no
	longer do so.  you'll now need to seperately inhibit screen dim
	as well.  i haven't updated the docs or the comments in the
	powerd script.  bear with me.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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