New boot animation for 12.1.0

Manuel Quiñones manuq at
Thu Mar 29 13:53:04 EDT 2012

Hey Daniel,

Great to see the boot time improved and simplified!

El día 20 de marzo de 2012 19:09, Daniel Drake <dsd at> escribió:
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 10:16 PM, Martin Langhoff
> <martin.langhoff at> wrote:
>>  - How easy is it to implement something nice? I see Manuel's already
>> been asking you about it, and it'd be great to have something cool ;-)
> The complexity of the task depends on the complexity of the graphic.
> But as we really need to be light-weight, that means we have an
> automatic requirement of only displaying simple graphics. Max 1 frame
> change per second, I would say. If something nice can be designed
> within these kinds of bounds, it can be put in place with ease.
> However, due to the overall boot time decrease, and increase in
> startup parallelization, I'm seeing that we have very little time to
> do anything animated. The initramfs starts the animation and then
> boots the rest of the system, providing a window of maybe 3-4 seconds
> while we animate. Then the X startup starts, which means we *must*
> freeze the screen immediately to avoid blanks and flashes (at this
> point, my initial theme draws 3 dots and freezes). This was tested on
> XO-1.5, I imagine XO-1.75 will be even faster.
>>  - Something easily customizable? -- thinking of OOB splicing in images
> The olpc plugin currently allows for one custom image to be displayed
> in addition to the default ones.
> Plymouth is an easily customizable platform, it comes with various
> themes and a powerful and quite easy scripting language allowing you
> to create more.

Taking into account your considerations (one frame per second
animation, no time for fancy stuff, and also not needed) I did this

It preserves the ring and makes it a spinner animation of 4 frames.
The freeze image has all dots the same color.  What do you think?

.. manuq ..

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