Video chat activity (was: Re: C and Sugar/GTK)

Alex Waterman imnotlistening at
Wed Mar 21 10:33:17 EDT 2012

Hi Peter,

Personally I believe the best way to move forward with a Voice/Video
> Conference Activity is to look at empathy and associated projects. I
> believe there was plans to produce a libempathy for reuse although I
> don't know the status of that. By using empathy/cheese and other
> components it would integrate with our current comms stack and allow
> sharing of things like account data and contacts as well as being
> transferable between gnome and sugar.

I will take a look at the latest libempathy. I was looking at the dbus
interface for interacting with sugar and it seems as though a video chat
app could be written with telepathy as well. I will look at the previous
projects sometime today and see what they do/use. I think if the previous
projects are using telepathy, then its worth sticking with that, otherwise
if they use libempathy, then I could update the code to use the latest
empathy as a start.


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