XO-1.75 - Kernel news

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Sat Mar 10 22:46:05 EST 2012

The very latest kernel for XO-1.75 11.3.x builds, which you can get
with yum update (and then follow
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kernel#Installing_kernel_RPMs ) is very

Please update to it and let us know how it fares for you!

What's interesting?

= be20def marvell-cam: ensure that the camera stops when requested

Opening Record and recording many videos or many audio files does not
end up in a hard freeze (#11657). At least not for me, helps us

There are still some oddities when using Record, but those may be
different (lesser) bugs. For example, the camera will sometimes get a
green snapshot for the audio recording.

= 4ae137c libertas: drop commands if the libertas host is asleep

Using aggressive suspend/resume (Control Panel > Power > Automatic
power management) no longer leads to hangs in busy wireless networks
(#11658). At least not for me, help us corroborate.

On Friday, I left one XO with 4ae137c with powerd configured to sleep
after 2s of idle, and a second XO pinging it every 5. Checked them in
the office earlier, and both were still going at it.

Grepping the log of the ping sender, it had >18K successful pings, and
127 failures. Not perfect, but not a bad ratio either.


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