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> > Being adventurous, I did the yum update kernel separately, then did the
> cp -
> > ..... instruction from the readme.
> >
> > uname -a shows the new kernel is running.
> Excellent! How does it work for you? Happy?

Alas it runs very well, but doesn't include what I was hoping for.  I've
been using 12.1.0 os2 as a base for the demo XO1 machines because that
build has a kernel that has the fix for the SISUSB load errors.

However, in the bug track, DSD does also provide a pointer to a test kernel
using F14 that does incorporate the fix.  So, now that I know how to update
a kernel, I can use a production 883 as a base, and then can accomplish
what I need by updating using that test kernel for the demo machines that
need this USB2VGA2 function.

Going forward, I think the fix will be in the new kernels.

> > However, it looks to me that the old kernel files remain in /boot and the
> > .../current ... directories.  Some with '111005' in their name would
> appear
> > to me to be the old ones and the new ones would be those with '111026' in
> > their name
> >
> > Is there any appreciable advantage to manually removing the old files, or
> > conversely is there any disadvantage?
> A tiny bit more disk space :-)

I'll play some more and see how much I gain.  By the time I'm done loading
up the XO1, there can be less then 200Mb available to those users who don't
want an SD card solution, so this might still be good, relatively ... :-)
I'll be trying Mikus suggestion tomorrow.

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