XO-1 disk space and 12.1 offline update

S Page skierpage at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 04:39:47 EDT 2012

On an XO-1 running a freshly installed os883 release 11.3.0 with
nothing in ~/Documents and hardly any Journal entries I was unable to
successfully update using
  sudo olpc-update 12.1.0d_xo1-12
, it ran out of space.  The 12.1.0 build is now up to 14, but I don't
think it shrank between build 12 and 14. I had 297MB free beforehand,
and only 14MB free after the update failed.

I wanted to try an upgrade using OLPC's simple offline update[1], but
the download directory
http://download.laptop.org/xo-1/os/candidate/12.1.0-14/ lacks a
21014o0.usb file. It does have a 21014o0.toc , what's that for if
there's no .usb file?

I had nothing important on the XO so I can just do a fresh install of
12.1.0, but if someone else is able to try an XO-1 online update from
a fresh-ish 11.3.0 to 12.1.0 and has similar problems I think the
release notes could usefully caution "You will *not* be able to update
an XO-1 running 11.3.x unless you delete material from the standard
installation so that you have over NNN MB free".

Also, after a failed olpc-update, is there a guide to where the cruft
I can remove is?  Since 11.3.0 is a recent build, the guide to
purging[2] doesn't apply;  /versions/{contents,pristine,run} all only
contain 883. `sudo du -sh /versions/*` says I have 901MB in
/versions/pristine and 649MB in /versions/updates; combined that's
more than the 1024MB flash size, so either they overlap or JFFS2
compression really works! Is it safe to remove the contents of

Cheers and thanks,

[1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Olpc-update#Simple_offline_update
[2] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Olpc-update#Purging_a_previous_OS
=S Page

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