[Testing] [OLPC New Zealand] Testing Summary, Auckland - 16 June 2012

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Tue Jun 19 06:51:53 EDT 2012

daniel wrote:
 > On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 5:56 AM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
 > > Maze seems ok .  90 deg rotation leaves some of the maze off
 > > screen.  When 180 rotation down arrow moves image upwards -
 > > anti-intuitive.

are you talking about the arrow keys on the keypad?  or the round set
on the lower-left of the bezel (the "d-pad")?  the d-pad has always
rotated with the screen.  but we've never rotated the action of the
keyboard arrows -- there aren't very many programs one would want to
use from the keyboard while rotated.  we can revisit this, but it's
never come up before.  (and for completeness, this isn't just a 180
degree issue, right, but also an issue at 90 and 270?)


 > Filed http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3713 for the offscreen issue.
 > Not really sure what to do about the arrow keys issue - its an issue
 > we'll have in all activities. Will give it some thought.
 > Thanks for the great testing - looking forward to the next report :)
 > Daniel
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