Testing Summary, Auckland 7 July 2012

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sat Jul 14 05:32:19 EDT 2012

Testing Summary: Auckland - 7 July 2012
Who: Barry, John, Tabitha, Tom

Testing 12.1.0 build 17 on XO-1 and XO-1.75

Browse works, but cannot create google docs. Can edit docs on XO-1.75 
that have already been created. Visiting http://blog.makezine.com on 
XO-1 causes the laptop to freeze.

Browse on XO-1.75 freezes after less than 5 minutes using the Advanced 
(ajax) Zimbra client. The UI elements still seem to affect the shape of 
the mouse pointer, but it uses 100% CPU and the display does not update 
-- if you open and close the frame the area covered and exposed by the 
frame stays grey. Browse responds to to stop from the frame. This 
happened several times. A had a couple of other tabs open with simple 
webpages and was on a poor wifi network.

Get Books works.

Measure works. Trigger still appears far above the mark. XO-1 only has 
one channel. XO-1.75 has two channels but in microphone mode only one works.

Distance works on XO-1. Still does not work at all on XO-1.75. This 
activity should be removed from XO-1.75 if it cannot be fixed.

Record on XO-1.75 still stops recording high quality video after about 9 
seconds. Sound level is way too low and the recording appears to have 
popping noises but this is hard to tell because it is so quiet. High 
quality mode should be disabled on XO-1.75 if it cannot be fixed.

Tam Tam Mini starts with an instrument selected but it doesn’t play, you 
have to manually select an instrument before it will play.  According to 
Barry, it also “clips inappropriately”. Chose the Sarangi, run your 
finger from Z through M as quickly as you can (HS keyboard helps), you 
will hear 3 or 4 nasty clicks. This use case is perhaps unrealistic, but 
in more normal playing it happens quite often. This happens on XO-1 and 

No Wikipedia on XO-1 :( It works on XO-1.75. We notice that the journal 
entry is called “untitled” rather than the name of the page. We were not 
able to reproduce. Had wikpedia fail to start. There are several 
different problems in the logs attached. It would seem that if port 8080 
is in use, an exception is logged This might be the instance where it 
failed to start, we're not sure. Perhaps wikipedia should choose a free 
port rather than being hard coded? The content of a page was logged in 
an error, perhaps this shouldn’t be in the production version to avoid 
using up the disk (how are sugar logs deleted?).

XO-1.75 Jaxon
Browse works
Wikipedia EN works
Wikipedia ES works
Write works
GetBooks works

XO-1.0 Anna
Like the new startup screens that show you how to use the XO
Maze works
Moon works
Help works
Records works - made a picture, video and audio file
Speak works, Robot knows nothing
Ruler works
Clock works. Changed timezone to Auckland and restarted XO. Clock still 
Tamtam mini works. Is it just my imagination, or is the XO-1 much louder 
than the XO-1.5 and XO-1.75?
Implode works
Measure basic test works
Memorize works, played all preloaded games
Paint basic test works
Portfolio works
Fototoon works
Chart works
Helloworld works
Welcome works

Had a first play with a touch screen XO today. Took it outside and it 
wasn’t too bad to read in the sunlight. It was quite good to see how it 
worked in Physics in particular. There was no way to get to the frame 
without the keyboard, and the touchscreen didn’t go right to the edge. 
It was an old build so not going to bother reporting any bugs. Overall, 
it is pretty easy to see how the touchscreen opens up more opportunities 
for learning.
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