OLPC Policies Question Concerning Upgrading Default Installed Software

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Jan 11 18:55:00 EST 2012


On Wed, Jan 11 2012, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> Maybe I'm wrong but given thatĀ Evolution in Design's list of clients
> (http://www.evolutionindesignz.com/clients.html) includes GogoNews (
> http://www.gogonews.com/) which recently announced that they're
> working on "a custom, Linux-based browser specifically for use on
> OLPC XO devices" to become part of "the collection of default
> applications on new XO computers" and offline capabilities are also
> mentioned (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20111214005404/en/
> GoGoNews-Delivers-Universal-News-Content-Laptop-Child) it sounds like
> Anthony is part of that effort.
> Where do I collect my prize? ;-)

Somebody get that man a job doing some kind of investigative writing
about technology.  :)

- Chris.
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